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Working Genius Coaching


Work is something we all do. But are we doing it well, individually, and well as a collaborative team? The fact is there are 6 types of work and one person cannot thrive doing all 6. How does this impact you and your team? How could you improve work in your world? The working genius assessment is the solution.

This coaching includes 4 -1 Hour sessions with Working Genius Certified Coach, Connor Johnson.

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Through the Working Genius coaching sessions you will learn: About the model, the 6 WIDGET types of work, the issue with missing a genius or having too much of one genius go unchecked. You will also learn how to use this model to run meetings more effectively, hire better, organize departments/committees, communicate effectively, keep morale, and much much more!

This coaching includes 4 -1 Hour sessions with Connor Johnson. You can have your entire team on the calls with Connor.

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