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The Perfect Real Estate Agent Blueprint Book


Erik Hatch and Robby T have come together to write a book that provides a blueprint of how to build a mega successful real estate company. Get yourself a copy today!

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This book is your guide to walk you through whatever you need to find your calling in real estate. As you dive into this blueprint of how to build the perfect real estate business, you get to choose your adventure. If you want to go big, we have you. If you want to stay small but mighty, we have you. Or anywhere in between. We’re going to help you hone in on your purpose and find your plan to best serve your clients, your team, your family, and yourself!

“As the co-founder and CEO of one of the fastest-growing, publicly-traded real estate companies in the world, I am blessed with the opportunity to meet the brightest people in this amazing industry. In my 18 years in real estate, I had the privilege to work with and the opportunity to speak with thousands of real estate professionals and agents, from the newly licensed to the most successful team leaders and broker-owners in the industry. Erik Hatch and Robby T. stand out. They are two of the biggest names in our industry. When they speak, I listen. This book is a window into two of real estate’s greatest minds who many call “legends.”” – Tamir Poleg, Co-Founder and CEO of Real Brokerage

“When I first came to Erik our business was a bit of a mess and didn’t have a clear vision. Within a year of working together, Erik helped us 7x our profit while simultaneously buying back a ton of our time. Erik’s become one of the most influential people in real estate and brings a huge vision to challenge the status quo that our industry has towards leading people and building teams. Robby was one of the nation’s top ISAs before helping launch Hatch Coaching with Erik. He has reshaped and reframed the lead conversion space, helping teams scale their outreach and to connect with people on a human level, in addition to coaching many of the country’s top ISA departments and rainmakers. Having them in my corner not only massively improved our finances and our team but also has made me a better husband, father, and leader.” – Mike Novak, The Novak Team Brokered by Real

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