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What type of coaching are you looking for?

Agent, Lead Conversion, Team Leader/Integrator, Group, and One-on-One Coaching services to help you succeed!

Agent Coaching

Agent focused coaching courses for you and your team.

  • New Agent Onboarding

  • Team Role Play

  • Showing Partner Onboarding

  • Lead Generation & Accountability


“The Showing Partner model has given me a blue print on how to transform my business in 12 months. Not this high in the sky possibility of go spend all of this money. Instead, it was very real and tangible. Go do exactly what we have done and you will be successful. You will transform your business and you will find your time and your profit again.”

Christy Horne

Team Leader, The Christen Horne Team

Lead Conversion Coaching

Lead Conversion focused coaching courses for you and your team.

  • How to Text Leads

  • CRM Systems Coaching

  • ISA Intensive Training

  • How to Build an ISA Dept

“We use the Ultimate Guide to Lead Conversion to train our agents. When someone comes onto our team we plug them directly into that training, so that they can learn directly from Robby! And it is a good refresher for us experienced agents, too.”
Mike Novak

Team Leader, The Novak Team

Team Leader/Integrator Coaching

Team Leader/Integrator focused coaching courses for you and your team.

  • Train Your Trainer

  • Hire Like Hatch

  • Showing Partner Implementation

  • Client Events

  • Working Genius Coaching


“I’d say coaching with Erik has been really refreshing. He’s asking questions that are going deep into the heart behind the business and what I am really trying to build. He understands what it looks like to build a healthy, efficient, solid business that helps me optimize who I am, to allow me to make the biggest impact.”

Jordan Terrell

Team Leader, Jordan Terrell Group

Level One Coaching

Small group focused coaching for you and your team.

  • Level 1: Team Leader Coaching

    $1,400.00 / month
  • Level 1: ISA Coaching

    $799.00 / month
  • Level 1: Agent Coaching

    $799.00 / month
“Since coaching with Erik, my business is a night and day difference from where it was to where it is today. He has made me a better leader, a better person, and my buiness is more effective and predictable. He has completely changed the trajectory of my business and he really has changed my life.”
Colton Whitney

Team Leader, The McLure Real Estate Group

Level Two Coaching:

Find out more about our exclusive one-on-one coaching services.

Coach With The Best in The Industry

Within our One-on-One Coaching, we have very limited spots with some of the top coaches in the industry! Submit an inquiry below with information about what you are looking for in coaching and we will be in touch!

Meet Our Coaches

Learn more about our coaches and what makes them tick.

Erik Hatch

Erik Hatch

Founder & Coach

Erik Hatch has grown a top 40 Real Estate team in the country. He has been recognized by other professionals in the industry as a leader and builder. Additionally, Erik is a top 20 real estate coach that has helped hundreds of teams make millions of dollars while deeply impacting their team members, communities and clients. Erik Hatch married up, has 2 incredible kids, and best describes himself as ‘spirited.’ Infused with passion, Erik loves helping people to become the best version of themselves. While Erik excels at most things business related, his golf game is horrendous. If he didn’t buy drinks, nobody would invite him to play.

​Fun fact:
Got kicked out of a mall for being Santa.

Robby T

Robby T

Coach & Lead Geek

Robby Trefethren is known as the Lead Geek for a reason. Robby has called over 100,000 leads, spoke to over 10,000 people, and set over 1,000 appointments. He has devoted the last five years to mastering the lead conversion game. He shares his thoughts within the Leads Geeks community, his coaching clients, our team, or anyone willing to listen. Robby lives in Fargo with his amazing wife and three kids!

​Fun fact:
Robby has a fascination with lemons.

Patrick Keller

Patrick Keller

Team Leader & Agent Coach

Patrick Keller is an entrepreneur, public speaker, RealtorⓇ, coach, leader, investor, husband, father and basement Rockstar. Patrick owns and operates multiple businesses, and passionately gives back to his community through supporting non-profits, schools, and first responders. Patrick has called Indianapolis his home for his entire life. His wife Amanda, and two wonderful children love living in this community.

Right out of college, Patrick went to work as a registered nurse. It was there that he really fell in love with cultivating deep relationships and harnessed his passion for making an impact in someone’s life. After practicing real estate solo for 3 years, Patrick started his real estate team in 2017 with a dream to create a place where he could pour into people and help them create runways to reach their dreams – while serving clients with the highest quality and integrity, which allows them to reach their dreams. This team has served 1,000’s of clients, and continues to be in the top 1% of teams across the country. Every day, Patrick strives to be the best leader possible for his team, and he knows that he wouldn’t be where he was today without them. Why does PK do what he does? Because he wants to make a positive impact on everyone that he meets.

​Fun fact:
PK loves to play music, but the jury is out if anyone loves to listen.

Connor Johnson

Connor Johnson

Agent Training & Team Development Coach

Connor was born in the lovely city of Minot, ND and graduated from North Dakota State University in 2012. After graduating with a degree in Sociology, Connor took a job as a leadership consultant for Delta Tau Delta and traveled the country visiting other college campuses and helping young men of the fraternity realize their own potential as leaders. The value of relationships and having your own community became all the more apparent and important. After seeing various communities, Connor knew Fargo was the place he would always call home and moved back. Connor got his real estate license and joined Hatch Realty as a Showing Partner, graduated into a Buyer’s Agent, and then moved into the role of Director of Training & Development. Connor loves the continuous pursuit of self growth and finds absolute satisfaction in curating such opportunities. As Connor puts it, “Helping people have that a- ha moment is very special. I want to be a resource to help people reach great moments of success and have their own special a-ha.”

​Fun fact:
Connor loves to make hot sauce!

Jackie Stephan

Jackie Stephan

Systems Specialist

Jackie Stephan is originally from Western NY (Go Bills). She started her career in real estate as an ISA and has since enjoyed the journey of her career morphing into that of a systems coach. Fulfilling her passion for teaching others, Jackie provides in-depth knowledge, training, and accountability to all that are interested. Jackie is married to her high-school sweetheart and together they have two beautiful children.

​Fun fact:
Jackie served in the Army with the 82nd Airborne Division where she volunteered to jump out of airplanes for $150 a month.