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Hire Like Hatch


Hiring is an integral part of a successful business. In this 2 hour coaching program, you will receive a deep dive into our 9-Step Hiring Process and access to our online course that brings an additional 8 video lessons! This program is sure to set you up for success as you are searching for and growing your team.

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Product Details:

Are you ready to hire right every time & begin your journey to a better work environment, culture, and work satisfaction? This coaching program will walk you through our 9-Step Hiring Process and set you up for success.

This includes 2 -1 Hour Sessions with Connor Johnson and access to our Hire Like Hatch online course for 180 days. You will also receive a copy of our Hatch Hiring Package.

What will you takeaway from this coaching program?:

  1. The 9-Step Hiring Process
  2. Ideal DISC Profiles for Hires
  3. Career Night RSVP Form
  4. Essay Question Response Form
  5. Phone Interview Template & Role Analysis
  6. Reference Check Script
  7. The 20 Questions to Ask During the 3 Hour Interview

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