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Level 1: Team Leader Coaching

$1,400.00 / month

Join our Level 1 Team Leader Coaching and receive 2- 45 minute sessions per month with Erik Hatch and direct access to him through Marco Polo. These calls will be small group calls with other Team Leaders that are very focused on bringing your business to the next level. Erik has grown a top 40 Real Estate team in the country. He has been recognized by other professionals in the industry as a leader and builder. Additionally, Erik is a top 20 real estate coach that has helped hundreds of teams make millions of dollars while deeply impacting their team members, communities and clients. 2 – 45 Minute Group Calls per Month led by Erik Hatch, access to all of the Hatch Training Courses, and cancel at anytime.

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Product Details:

In this small group coaching you will cover the following topics:

  1. Lead Conversion
  2. Showing Partner
  3. Onboarding and Training
  4. Leadership Principles
  5. Numbers Dive
  6. Tiers 1-10
  7. Hiring Right
  8. Marketing Mastery
  9. Texting and Mastering Communication
  10. High Producing Agent
  11. How to Make More Money
  12. Get, Train, Retain

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