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Pay-It-Forward Event Template


The Pay-It-Forward Event Template will provide you Graphic Options for Media and Invitations and access to a Google Spreadsheet including everything you need.

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What’s Included in The Google Spreadsheet?

  1. Theme Brainstorming
  2. To-Do List
  3. Day of Event Schedule
  4. Budget
  5. Invitation Timeline
  6. RSVP Example
  7. Venue Logistics
  8. And more!

Pay-It-Forward can take on many different ideas and themes! We found success in providing an opportunity for our team members, clients (past & present), friends, and families to serve together. This template is designed to plan an event around a partnership with a local non-profit that has the ability to take in many volunteers during an allocated time and do a project together. Hatch Realty’s event, “Hatch-It Forward” brought our Hatch Family together, on a Saturday morning, to pack boxes of food. In one morning, the group packed 2,828 pounds of pasta noodles, 2,793 pounds of food drive items, and 10,602 pounds of refrigerated product. That adds up to 13,519 meals (1.2 pounds/meal).

This idea can grow and adapt to any type of service related project you want to do with a non-profit! Ideas to think about:

  • Highway Clean-Up
  • Painting needs at your local YWCA
  • Fall Clean-Up for Elderly Citizens

When you bring people together to do something impactful for your community, deep relationships are formed!

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