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The OG Mastermind

From: $1750.00/month

Our OG Mastermind gives you access to our most complete package of Mastermind content!


This commitment is for 12 months. This will automatically renew, unless cancelled by the member.

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What’s Included?:

  • 2 Events:
    • Team Leader + Spouse Event
    • Team Event -membership includes 3 tickets to the team event
  • Monthly Mastermind calls for the Team Leader, Ops, Agents, & Lead Conversion
  • Marco Polo Groups for each group
  • Live Sales Training Access
    • 2 Training Calls per week
  • Hatch Training Access


What Events are Included?:

  • Team Leader + Spouse Mastermind (3 days): For Team Leaders only
  • Team Mastermind (3 days): 3 tickets included


Minimum Requirements to become a Member:

  • $100 million in GCI and/or 100 closed deals annually


“I love the mastermind mainly because of the quality of people in it. The vetting process is working. The networking with other Broker/Owners is priceless. The help I have received on both personal and professional levels has been a giant part of my business and life. Thank you for the opportunity to be in the presence of people who believe your mission statement. “Redefining How People Treat People.” Love the Mission Statement because I believe it.” –Mark Kuhl, Team Leader in Kalispell, MT

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