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How to Text Leads

From: $379.00 / month

Calling leads is not the answer anymore.

In this course, there are seven lessons covering:

  1. Intro to Texting Leads
  2. How do you start conversations with leads?
  3. What to do when leads respond?
  4. Nudging
  5. Systemize Texting
  6. Ideal Text Conversation
  7. Mirror + Match with Texting
  8. How to set text appointments

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Learn From Robby T:

Robby T has been in this industry for years now and has seen this shift coming… answer rates are LOW, so we need to pivot. Learn from Robby T (lead conversion guru & ISA coach) on how to best service clients through TEXTING. He’ll give you the in’s and out’s on how to have conversations via text with leads & how to turn them into clients. Robby will share insights on everything from the first text sent to how to set a text appointment.

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