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How to Text Leads


Calling leads is not the answer anymore. Learn from Robby T on WHY and HOW to test leads and convert at a much higher level. 1 – 1 Hour Sessions with Robby T and access to the online course: How to Text Leads.

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In this program, you will learn:

  1. Intro to Texting Leads
  2. How do you start conversations with leads?
  3. What to do when leads respond?
  4. Nudging
  5. Systemize Texting
  6. Ideal Text Conversation
  7. Mirror + Match with Texting
  8. How to set text appointments

This program is a one hour session with the Lead Conversion Guru, Robby T. You will also receive access to his online course, How to Text Leads, for an additional 180 days after you sign up!

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