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How to Start an iBuyer Program

$379.00 / month

Have you been interested in the iBuyer game, but not known where to the start? We are here to help with our course- How to Start an iBuyer Program! This course will help train and equip you to begin taking the steps of building out your very own iBuyer program. Erik Hatch leads you through 8 in depth lessons focusing on everything from marketing, financing, and relationships that are essential to have a successful iBuyer program.

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Lessons Included:

  • Lesson 1: Become an iBuyer
  • Lesson 2: The Numbers
  • Lesson 3: Marketing is Essential
  • Lesson 4: Protecting Your Brand
  • Lesson 5: Finance Them
  • Lesson 6: Get Yourself a Team
  • Lesson 7: Fix them
  • Lesson 8: Sell It

Other Helpful Assets- so you don’t have to recreate the wheel!:

  • Proforma
  • How to Get Started Guide
  • Listing Appointment Assets
  • Brochures to explain the process to future clients

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