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How to Build a Real Estate Team

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Erik Hatch has grown a top 40 Real Estate team in the country. He has been recognized by other professionals in the industry as a leader and builder. Additionally, Erik is a top 20 real estate coach that has helped hundreds of teams make millions of dollars while deeply impacting their team members, communities and clients.

This online course will take you through trainings on leadership, coaching, and systems. It includes four main topics:

  1. How to Start
  2. How to Take Great Care of People
  3. How to Build
  4. Important Tools

Growing a team is hard. Really hard. Learn from all of the mistakes that Erik has made as well as the knowledge he has gained through building his real estate team that closed over 1,000 homes in 2021.


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Learn from Erik Hatch:

  • Erik will guide you through high-level thought-provoking conversations on how to begin your real estate building journey.
  • Through this section, Erik equips you with the knowledge on how to become the best CEO, leader, and business owner you can possibly be.
  • Erik takes you step-by-step on how to strategically and methodically grow your real estate business to its highest potential.
  • In this final section, Erik sheds light on all the tools and tricks he’s found over the years that have been a game-changer for him and his business.

What’s Included?

  1. 4 Topics: How to Start, How to Take Great Care of People, How to Build, & Important Tools
  2. 39 Video Lessons
  3. Helpful Downloadable Handouts
  4. Introduction to recommended affiliations

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