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How to Build a Real Estate Team

From: $379.00 / month

Erik has built one of the top 50 real estate teams in the country. Hatch Realty sells over 800 homes a year. In the last year alone, Erik’s team has grown its team’s production by 40%. Build a successful team through LEADERSHIP, COACHING, & SYSTEMS.

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Learn from Erik Hatch:

  • Erik will guide you through high-level thought-provoking conversations on how to begin your real estate building journey.
  • Through this section, Erik equips you with the knowledge on how to become the best CEO, leader, and business owner you can possibly be.
  • Erik takes you step-by-step on how to strategically and methodically grow your real estate business to its highest potential.
  • In this final section, Erik sheds light on all the tools and tricks he’s found over the years that have been a game-changer for him and his business.

What’s Included?

  1. 4 Modules
  2. (How to Start, How to Take Great Care of People, How to Build, & Important Tools.)
  3. 39 Video Lessons
  4. Helpful Downloadable Handouts
  5. Introduction to recommended affiliations