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Hatch Systems for Chime Users

$299/month; first 2 weeks free

Done for you lead plans. Master the follow-up game. Manage your database. Auto-pilot for lead nurturing. Masterfully curated database management system. Exceedingly high support.

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You’ve paid for the lead – now let’s make sure you are doing everything within your power to ensure that the lead you bought has the best chance at converting. The Hatch Systems package is the COMPLETE PACKAGE – equipping you to tag, filter, organize, and automate every lead with ease. Everything is loaded and set up for you within Chime! It is this very system that aids teams and agents all over the country to protect and monetize their databases at the highest of levels. And since you bought the leads, it makes sense to go deeper with the purchases you already made to continue to shake that tree for all the fruit it can provide. Hatch Systems (in partnership with Chime) has helped our clients close exponentially more transactions for maximum profit and growth!

“As we’ve all seen, call answer rates continue to dwindle, and frankly, they’re not going to get any better. We created Hatch Messaging and Systems to help our real estate friends contact and convert more leads. It’s really that simple.” – Robby T

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