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Robby T is known as a Lead Geek for a reason. Robby has called over 100,000 leads, spoke to over 10,000 people and set over 1,000 appointments. He has spent the last decade devoting himself to mastering lead conversion.


$379/ MONTH

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$3,000/ YEAR

Annual Billing

Savings of $1,548/year!

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What's Included?

- 3 Modules

(Mastering the Conversation, Mastering the System, Mastering the Mindset)

- 46 Video Lessons

- Helpful Downloadable Handouts

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MODULE 1: Mastering the Conversation

Lesson 1: Introduction to Lead Conversion

Lesson 2: Connecting with People Framework

Lesson 3: CWP - Curiosity

Lesson 4: CWP - Connection

Lesson5: CWP - Collaboration

Lesson 6: Reframe the Conversation

Lesson 7: Introduction to Opening Scripts

Lesson 8: Buyer Lead Scripts

Lesson 9: Seller Lead Scripts

Lesson 10: The Best Script in the Book

Lesson 11: Specific Ways to Ask Tell Me More

Lesson 12: Rephrase & Reflect

Lesson 13: Effective Transition Statements

Lesson 14: Challenge Their Thinking

Lesson 15: Mirror & Match

Lesson 16: DISC

Lesson 17: How to Mirror & Match

Lesson 18: Call Checklist

Lesson 19: Top Ten Things You Should Be Asking Every Lead

Lesson 20: Objections are Opportunities

Lesson 21: How to Text Leads

Lesson 22: Mastering Expired Calls

Lesson 23: Mastering FSBOs

Lesson 24: Mastering Sign Calls

Lesson 25: Mastering Zillow Transfers

Lesson 26:Mastering All Calls

Bonus Video: Conversation Tips


$379/ MONTH

Monthly Billing


$3,000/ YEAR

Annual Billing

Savings of $1,548/year!

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