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Team Leader Group Coaching

$1,400.00 / month

Join Team Leader Group Coaching and receive 2- 45 minute sessions per month with Erik Hatch. Erik has grown a top 40 Real Estate team in the country. He has been recognized by other professionals in the industry as a leader and builder. Additionally, Erik is a top 20 real estate coach that has helped hundreds of teams make millions of dollars while deeply impacting their team members, communities and clients. 2 – 45 Minute Group Calls per Month led by Erik Hatch, access to all of the Hatch Training Courses, and cancel at anytime.

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Product Details:

In this group coaching you will cover the following topics:

  1. Lead Conversion
  2. Showing Partner
  3. Onboarding and Training
  4. Leadership Principles
  5. Numbers Dive
  6. Tiers 1-10
  7. Hiring Right
  8. Marketing Mastery
  9. Texting and Mastering Communication
  10. High Producing Agent
  11. How to Make More Money
  12. Get, Train, Retain