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Live Sales Training

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What do you get with Live Sales Training?

  • Actionable training from the industry’s best every Wednesday and Thursday (10 AM CST).
  • Library of all past Live Sales Training videos.
  • Systems and strategies that will help you to be a better Realtor.
  • Consistent content designed to help you sell more houses quickly.
  • Accountability and encouragement for you to do the things that will get you more sales.
  • A community that’s designed to rise the tide for all.
  • Access to the top trainers and agents in all of real estate so they can help you with your needs.
  • No long-term commitments. If it isn’t for you, simply opt out!
  • Your first 30 days for free. Test drive it 1st to ensure it’s the right fit for you.
  • Step by step blueprints to ensure your future success.
  • Clear game plans that’ll have you walking away a winner.
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Product Details:

Live Sales Training (LST) is the premier go-to training hub for agents looking to grow their sales. LST subscribers have two calls each week that will undoubtedly elevate their financial health in consistently helping them to find their next deal(s).

Taught by the best producers, trainers, ISA’s, and team leaders in the industry – LST will elevate Realtors to develop better habits, better sales techniques, better systems, better scripts, and more. You’re expected to show up – to follow the blueprint – and to lean in mightily. If you’re looking for a passive type of training, then keep looking. This won’t be for you.

Each week consists of two hyper-engaging training calls equipped with implementable action items that agents can use to increase their production. This isn’t theory. This is execution.

Stop piecemealing together your training. Use LST as the vehicle to take you to new heights!

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