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Classic Mastermind

From: $2,000.00 / month

Our Classic Mastermind gives you access to a ton of great Mastermind content.
For even more, check out our Premium Mastermind: Details Here


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What’s Included?:

  • Monthly mastermind call for rainmaker
  • Access to Hatch Mastermind Facebook group
  • All Hatch Trainings
  • Free Snap Offer Toolkit


What Events are Included?:

  • Fargo Mastermind (day before Hatch Summit): For Rainmaker + 2 Team Members
  • Hatch Summit: For Rainmaker + 2 Team Members
  • January Rainmaker Mastermind (3 days): For Rainmakers only
  • June Team Mastermind (3 days): For Rainmakers + 2 Team Members




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